Kabbalah Desert Convention - Love Covers All Crimes


Once a year in the heart of the desert, a special opportunity emerges to become one desire and allow the upper force to reveal among us.

Desert Convention


Women DO NOT register using the registration link

The price indicated in the registration form is valid until February 13, 2020 at midnight. Afterwards the price will rise by 140%.

  • Registration for the convention is for men ages 18+.
  • Members of groups from Israel and abroad as well as friends from the “Nekuda SheBalev” (receiving approval from course instructors)

Desert Convention: “Love Covers All Crimes” February 21-22 2020 

Once a year in the heart of the desert, a special opportunity emerges to become one desire and allow the upper force to reveal among us. 

The first degree of the week of convention week will give us an inner experience of spiritual discovery in the heart of the desert. We will take a moment of respite from our busy lives and focus on the connection between us

In the Desert Convention we will deepen the connection between us, prepare our joint heart towards the next spiritual degree, the World Kabbalah Convention 2020, that will take place in Ganei Hataarucha, Tel Aviv, Israel.


Sfinat HaMidbar

Address: Rd # 40, Mashabei Sadeh, Israel 

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Arrival by Organized Buses: 

  • Buses to the desert convention will leave from the Bnei Baruch Center in Petah Tikva starting at 5:00am on Friday. One last bus will leave at 13:00pm. 
  • The price for friends from Israel is 100 NIS per person. 
  • Registration for buses for friends from Israel will be available two weeks before the convention. 
  • Tentative time of return 15:00pm on Saturday.

Important Equipment: 

  • Warm clothes for nightime 
  • Sleeping bag, Toiletries, sunscreen
  • Change of clothes
  • For the trip: hat, comfortable walking shoes small bag for a water bottle 
  • Please do not bring any valuables.
  • Try to pack things in bags that do not cause noise 
  • If you take medicine on a regular basis please make sure you have enough for the entire time of your stay,(this includes painkillers).
  • A clinic and medical staff will be available at the site of the convention for any medical needs


Sleeping Options

  • A large shared tent 
  • You may bring a personal tent for individual use 
  • Shared Rooms – a small number of rooms are available – only for special requests due to health reasons; please contact us via email convention@kab.co.il. An additional fee will be applied.


Trip in the desert: 

Walking in desert terrain, participants must be relatively fit.


Emergency numbers: 

From within Israel: 

Nikolai Ishenko: 054-6696720, 03-5419409  

From abroad: 972-35419409, 972-54696720


Desert Convention Menu

Please make sure to drink plenty of water!

Women's Mirror Convention

  • The convention is for women ages 18+
  • For women arriving from abroad – there is no need to register for the desert convention, your registration is done automatically once you register for the World Kabbalah Convention 2020. 
  • For women arriving from Israel registration to the convention is through the “registration for meals” system


Desert Mirror Convention – Love Covers All Crimes

It is written that “the sons of Israel came out of Egypt by virtue of the righteous women.” Therefore, parallel to the Desert Convention, which is for men only, female students in Israel and around the world will gather for a powerful Mirror Desert Convention for women.

The goal of the convention is to become one desire and allow the upper force to be revealed in our connection. the Women’s Mirror Desert Convention held at "Bnei Baruch Kabbalah La’am" center in Petah Tikva with the goal of preparing our common heart for the next degree – the World Kabbalah Convention 2020.

Bnei Baruch “Kabbalah La’am” Center in Petah Tikva

Address: 12 Nevatim St, Petah Tikva