Information for World Kli

Everything you need to know about your stay in Israel

Registration of Guests from the World Kli

Dear friends!

Please note that this year we have changed the process of receiving guests from the World Kli:

All guests from abroad should fill out a “guest registration form”.

All guests should follow the instructions below whether you are simply visiting the Petah Tikva center, staying at accommodations arranged for you by the organization, staying with a family or using any other form of accommodation during the week of conventions in February 2020.

Please follow these instructions: 

  1. First, please register for the World Kabbalah Convention. 
  2. After the successful registration for the convention, each participant will receive a letter with a link to a “guest registration form” for visiting the Bnei Baruch center as well as accommodation.
  3. Please, follow the link and fill out the form with all the necessary information.
  4. Once your information is processed, you’ll be sent an email with information about your accommodation arrangements. 


Please note:

  • only those friends who fill out the “guest registration form” (item 3 above) and send us a copy of their medical travel insurance (valid for the entire period of their stay in Israel) can be invited to participate in the events. 
  • all those entering the State of Israel with or without a visa must have a valid passport with an expiration date of at least 6 months after the end date of your trip, otherwise, you might not be allowed to enter the State of Israel.
  • having a return ticket is a must.
  • an invitation letter will be sent to everyone automatically following registration to the convention. 


If you have any questions regarding the conventions, feel free to contact us at

For more details about visiting the BB Center and accommodation, please contact:

Your stay in Israel during the Conventions

Your Stay at the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah La'am Center

We are excited to welcome our guests at the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah La'am Center in Petah Tikva from February 16th (10:00 AM) until March 2nd (10:00 AM).

This includes: 

For those who stay at the BB center: Accommodations, meals, transportation to and from the location of the convention – is FREE.

For those staying with families: Meals at the center, transportation from the center to and from the location of the convention- is FREE.

For those arranging their lodging independently: Meals at the center, transportation to and from the location of the convention- is FREE.


Upon arrival at the Bnei Baruch center in Petah Tikva please attend to the reception desk located to the right of the building entrance. 

Once you have checked in please proceed go to the registration desk for guests from the World Kli.

During registration you will receive a bracelet that corresponds to the convention which you will be attending and your place of lodging.
Please show this bracelet every time you visit the Bnei Baruch center in Petah Tikva during your stay in Israel as well as when attending the conventions.

Please pay attention to the information boards located near the living area in the center, please get acquainted with the information presented on the boards upon arrival and check them regularly for updates.

We are happy to let you know that we are welcoming friends to stay with host families from Feb 16th – March 2nd. 

To register for a stay with a family please fill out the "form for guests from the World Kli", make sure to fill out one form per participant. 

You will receive an email for a link to the above mentioned form once you complete your registration for the convention. 

We will do our best to find a host family for all those who would like to do so, however we will give priority to friends with health problems, older fiends and friends coming with chilren. 


Dear Friends

We are happy to let you know that we are planning to meet all friends arriving from the World Kli between Feb 16th – March 2nd 2020 at the airport. We ask that everyone arriving in Israel during this time and needs a ride from the airport to the center in Petah Tikva, do the following:

  1. When registering through the  “guest registration form” note that you need to be picked up from the airport to the centre in Petah Tikva. 
  2. Use the link (which will shortly be available) to join the designated WhatsApp group for airport pick up, and you will receive the name and number of the driver who will meet you at the airport. The driver will contact you the day before your flight. 
  3. A day before your flight, you will have to send your flight itinerary or a photo of your ticket to the whatsapp group (Please make sure to send the following info: time of arrival, flight number, country of flight departure). 
  4. Upon exiting the plane, turn on the WiFi (there is free WiFi at the Tel Aviv airport). Once you are at passport control please send a message to your driver as well as to the WhatsApp group.  
  5. Once you receive your luggage please exit the arrivals hall on the right side, exit through gate #1 and wait for your driver. (please note that the WiFi does not work outside the building and therefore you should only go outside once you hear back from your driver) 


During the three days of the convention transportation from the Kabbalah La’am center in Petah Tikva to the site of the convention in Tel Aviv and back will be arranged for all those who require it. The exact times of buses will be available closer to the convention. 

All guests, regardless of where they are staying, are asked to register through the “guest registration form” which you will receive by email automatically once you register for the convention. Once you fill out the form you will automatically be registered for the buses.  

Taxis in Petah Tikva:

“Arlozorov” 03-922-2712

“Monitin” 03-919-5000

Taxi across the Israel:

The two most popular taxi services in Israel:

Gett Taxi:

for Android devices

for Apple iOS devices


for Android devices

for Apple iOS devices

Both taxi services work through an application on your phone. Please, follow one of the links, install the application on your phone and register. After that, you can order a taxi from anywhere in Israel. The nearest car arrives literally within 3-10 minutes at any time of day. You can also track the taxi, see driver’s data and rating, and make payments by credit card or cash.

Car rental:

You can rent a car at any car rental company located at the airport.

Travel by Bus:

When taking the minibuses it is possible to pay with cash only. The fares on a minibus are quite a bit more expensive.

Cards for public transport:

The card has a name Rav Kav Anonimi (Anonymous) and costs 5 ILS. You can buy it and load it with at least 30 ILS or a day pass at the box office at any train or bus station. In Petah Tikva you can purchase a Rav Kav at the bus station next to the mall on Jabotinsky St. Rav Kav can also be purchased at the train station at the airport. Note that you can pay for several people with the anonymous Rav Kav. 

Rules of Conduct

Rules of Conduct During Lessons

  • Preparation for the lesson starts 15 minutes before the lesson. Please arrive on time.
  • The main rule of conduct during the lesson is to observe silence. When you stand up, try to move chairs without making noise.
  • Do not disturb friends and the teacher during the lesson. Do not talk and do not give massages to others.
  • Make sure that your phone/tablet is in silent mode.
  • If your phone rings during the lesson, you will have to leave.
  • Adjust the volume in your headphones, so that you do not disturb those who are listening to the lesson without translation.
  • Make sure that alarms and reminders are switched off.
  • Please listen to the people in charge and follow their instructions.
  • Do not bring food into the study hall.
  • Please make any seating arrangements and make yourself comfortable before the lesson so as not to disturb the process of the lesson. 
  • Remember the lesson is being filmed and broadcast across the globe. The lesson hall is a television studio, please act and dress accordingly. Leave bags, backpacks, and briefcases on the shelves at the entrance, do not bring them to the study hall
  • Observe the dress code. Please dress modestly; no shorts, bermudas, tracksuits, short skirts, clothes with a low neckline or cleavage.
  • Make sure that the camera filming the lesson does not capture you if you move around the room during the lesson.
  • For those who read Hebrew, there are books on the shelves for general use with the inscription כללי. It is desirable that each friend has all the necessary books during the lesson. After the lesson return them to their place.
  • Please note! At the Bnei Baruch Petah Tikva center, everyone studies from his/her personal books, and they cannot be taken without permission.
  • If during the lesson you come out to the ramp, do not walk in front of the study hall windows. 

Rules of Conduct during Meals

  1. The basis for behavior during meals is an opportunity to take part in a group activity. The most important thing in the preparation for and during the meal is how you relate to your friends. 
  2. The meal consists of traditional aspects. Preparation of food and content, the meal itself, the songs, toasts (L’chaims) and dancing. 
  3. There are friends who are in charge of the meals. Everything that takes place during the meal has to be in coordination with those in charge: scheduling of items, the subject matter, the speakers as well as the announcements about the end of the meal. 
  4. During L’chaims (toasts) please listen to the friend who is speaking and try to feel what he is saying. 
  5. It is recommended to do all the actions that take place during the meal collectively – if everyone is singing; join the song, if everyone is sitting quietly; please keep quiet with everyone. 
  6. It is recommended not to speak about common topics or leave the meal hall during the meal without a specific need.
  7. The meal is an opportunity to check how you relate to friends outside the lessons and express your uniqueness through active participation – through personal example and inspiring others, but without standing out or causing disruption.

Dress Code while staying in Bnei Baruch Israel

Bnei Baruch is an educational body dedicated to learning and disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah. Throughout the activities of the organization we maintain a modest dress-code as is accustomed in Israel. For your convenience, the following are basic clothing rules which are customary in the organization’s building and during activities conducted by the organization.



We ask you to avoid arriving in revealing or see-through clothing. No tank tops or shirts that show the shoulders or knees. Please wear skirts and pants that pass your knees and avoid tight fitting clothes (such as leggings and tights).   

Please arrive wearing a buttoned or polo shirt and pants. No tank tops or short pants please.  

While participating in Duties

While participating in Duties

T-shirt, buttoned shirt or polo shirt. Long pants or long skirt, closed shoes.

T-shirt, buttoned shirt or polo shirt. Long pants, closed shoes.

If you have any questions in this regard please don’t hesitate to turn to Alon Rozenfeld or Boris Belotserkovsky. 

1. The room where you are provided with a bed should be used only for rest and dressing. Everything that can prevent the observance of silence should occur outside of it (the use of a hairdryer and other devices that create noise occurs in a dedicated area, not earlier than 2:30 and no later than 21:00)

2. The lights in the room work on a predetermined timer (to ensure wholesome rest):

On days when lessons are from 2:45 to 6:00, the lights in the room switch on at 2:10 and switch off at 21:00

On days when lessons are from 3:45 to 8:00, the lights in the room switch on at 3:10 and switch off at 21:00

3. Please do not use strong aromas in the common room such as: strong perfumes, shoes, clothes, etc.

4. For questions about laundry and ironing, contact Marina Sevastyanova (+972 523 298 856)

5. While working with computers and tablets please use headphones. Phone calls should also be made outside the common areas.


Additional Recommendations:

  • Use earplugs (earmolds) for sleeping
  • Take a pair of quiet shoes (house slippers) to use in the common room (exclude shoes with heels)
  • Try not to make noise by unpacking or packing your bags during rest hours.
  • We advise you not to pack things in rustling bags.
  • Make sure to have a spare radio and headphones so that in case of a breakdown or loss of connection, you will not be distracted from the lesson.

General Rules of Conduct

  • Alcoholic beverages are allowed during meals and organized events. Alcohol is prohibited in the lodging areas.
  • Drugs of any kind are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Smoking is allowed in specially designated areas: outside (opposite the main entrance to the center), on the ramp on the second floor, on the roof.
  • According to Israel’s laws, one can take photos of children only with parental consent.
  • If you take any medications for health reasons, please make sure you have enough for  the entire time of your stay in Israel.
  • You can only stay with a family if you have valid medical travel  insurance, and cannot stay with a family if you are sick (including flu, cold, etc.).
  • The host family is not responsible for your entertainment in Israel. Please, think about what you are going to do during your free time. Also, please arrange your own transportation to places that you are planning to visit.
  • Please respect the habits of the members of your host family and don’t discuss the family with other people. 
  • Some families follow various  traditions; such as not consuming meat & dairy products together, or not using electricity on Saturday. Please only bring in Kosher food, keep meat and dairy products and dishes for them separately and clarify with your host family what their traditions are to ensure a pleasant stay. 
  • Please, respect and follow the daily routine of your host family. Do not make noise or turn on the lights in the common areas when the family is resting. 
  • Please try to use electricity and water economically, in Israel it is quite expensive.
  • Even if your host family invited you to use food from their fridge, we still would kindly recommend that you eat in the Bnei Baruch center. Meals are organized specifically to accommodate both interns and guests (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  • Please respect all the members of the host family (wash dishes that you use, clean after yourself).
  • Please inform the host family in advance if for some reason you are coming home at a late hour or if you are not planning to come at all.
  • If you want to bring someone to the house, even for a few minutes, please be sure to check it with the host family.


Jerusalem built up a city knit together…” Psalms 

Trip to Jerusalem

On Friday 28/2/19 we will embark on an exciting journey full of impressions from friends from the world kli, to the place where it all connects- Jerusalem. This time we will travel a unique path that we have yet to explore, entering the heart of the Old City, the places, landscapes and remains that were left for us from the era of the Temple.

We will open our tour, from the observation point on Mount of Olives, overlooking the Old City and Temple Mount. We will attempt to understand what is special about Jerusalem which has attracted people, kings, empires and religions from all over the world. What is the inner point in the heart of all of us which is called Jerusalem, and how will we discover it in the connection between us? From there we will continue on an easy hike along the kidron wadi , were remains and tombs from the times of the First Temple can still be seen. We will then enter the Old City of Jerusalem with its amazing views and impressive structures. We will visit the Davidson center which holds antiquities from the Southern Wall. 

Here we will see impressive vestiges of the Temple at the time when it served. We will see the streets the alleys, the ritual baths and the remnants of the destruction from two thousand years ago. We will come together and understand the significance that the wisdom of Kabbalah attributes to this special place. 

We will end with a delicious Kabbalistic meal and a festive Friends Gathering, which will our conclusion to the week of congresses, in a pastoral natural setting, in the hills of Jerusalem.

  • Mount of Olives Observation Point – a view of the Old City and Temple Mount.
  • A tour along Wadi Kidron. 
  • Entry into the antiquities of the Southern Wall.
  • A bus ride to “Ayalon-Canada Park” in the Jerusalem Mountains  for a festive meal and Gathering of Friends. 


Date: Friday 28/2/20

Price: 200 NIS, each participant will receive a hat as a present

Age: 15 and up (for special requests please email us at )

  • 6:30 breakfast
  • 7:30 buses leave from the Kabbalah La’am center in Petah Tikva
  • 13:00 lunch break and friends gathering
  • 17:00 estimated time of return

Important information and equipment for the trip

  • Closed toe shoes, umbrella, hat, sunscreen, medications as needed (inhalers and emergency medications that you might require), comfortable and warm clothing for walking, water bottle.
  • The trip will be accompanied by medical assistants and first aid will be available as needed – please turn to your guide for information.
  • The trip is not defined as accessible. Strollers cannot be brought on the trip. The level of difficulty of the trip is for people of “active level of fitness”.

Useful information

  • Make sure to bring a spare radio and headphones to avoid distractions from the lesson in case of their breakdown or loss.
  • Use sunscreens for excursions, trips to the sea and while you are under direct sunlight.
  • Pack earplugs for sleeping.
  • Please don’t bring items of value: the organization will not be held responsible for their loss.

Useful tips for those who arrive for the Week of Conventions 2020:

1. What is the best way to search for apartments or hotel rooms? 

  • You can book a hotel room or apartment through:, etc. We are not responsible for the quality of service of the websites mentioned above.

2. Which areas should I consider for low cost accommodation which will also allow me easy access to morning lessons?

  • Unfortunately, public transportation is not available during the time of the morning lesson. Please search areas located within walking distance from the Bnei Baruch Center on Google maps (few such options are available).
  • There is a minibus that runs along Zeev Jabotinsky St which is relatively close to the BB center. Fares in Petah Tikva are around 7nis.
  • You can rent a shared apartment close to the Exhibition Gardens with direct access to public transport.
  • A train stop is located directly at the Exhibition Gardens (University Station). You can rent an apartment in other cities near train stations to allow for easier access. (Israel Railways website)
  • You can contact Doron Goldin for help booking apartments in Tel-Aviv,
  • Getting to the Exhibition Gardens without transfers: The main thing to consider when travelling is the traffic. You can use an app that will help you to build the best route:

3. Sim-cards:

  • There are Sim-cards of various operators that anyone can buy without a passport in mobile stores. You will need to buy the card itself (approximately 25 ILS) and make a one-time payment for using the card for a month (approximately 50 ILS). You will be asked to purchase a monthly service package which usually includes data. The number of gigabytes in each package varies.
  • The nearest store to the center: “Mobile Point” Ha-Zeitim St 96, Giv'at Shmuel, Israel 

4. What’s the weather like in Israel? 

The most accurate weather forecast (up to 10 days) can be found here: Israel forecast.

5. What clothes should I bring with me?

In the winter the mornings and evenings are cold. However daytime can get very hot. Therefore, please take warm home clothes, jackets and sweaters for mornings and evenings, and T-shirts for the day. It is highly recommended wearing closed-toe shoes as it tends to get col inside the Bnei Baruch center.

7. Do I need to have cash in local currency and how much?

You can make many of your purchases using credit card. You can also use your bank card to withdraw cash from ATMs. The closest ATM near the Bnei Baruch Center is located inside the “Super Bareket” supermarket (inside the supermarket, the one outside does not work), address: Ha-Zeitim St 96, Giv'at Shmuel, Israel 

8. Do I need to register and pay for the Preparation for the World Kabbalah Convention?

No. Registration for the preparation event for guests from the World Kli is completed with your registration for the World Kabbalah convention. 

9. How can I pay for the meals in Bnei Baruch center before and after the convention? 

From February 16th until March 2nd, meals at the Bnei Baruch Center in Petah Tikva are free for the guests from the World Kli.

10. Currency Exchange.

Currency exchange points: We strongly recommend that you exchange the necessary amount of money in advance in your country of origin or at the airport. While in Israel you will have to have cash in shekels to pay for taxi and other expenses. Unfortunately, there is no currency exchange at the Bnei Baruch Center or the site of the convention or anywhere near. 

Important note: you can only pay for the conventions by credit card.